My passion for entrepreneurship started in the back of a high school class room. I used to buy shoes that I knew would sell out and flip them for profit online, usually in class.


Forex Trader

My passion for trading came as soon as I graduated high school. With very little money, I started to learn how to execute trades that could produce decent returns. I was hooked from there!



The moment I saw someone have their first “ah ha” moment, was the moment I knew my passion in any space was educating and mentoring others on how to achieve their goals.


We consolidate our imagination to create state-of-the-art conceptions, deliver you high quality projects and accompany them to make minor fixes.

FFX Academy


Amazon Automation

amazon automation

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About Me

Patrick Kenney has been an expert in the forex consulting space for years. Known for his blunt style of teaching, Patrick has taken thousands of traders from beginner to profitable over the last 5 years.

FFX Academy was created by Patrick in November of 2015 following his realization of a need for cutting edge education in the Forex niche. Starting out, FFX was only for a handful of clients which learned one on one from Patrick each evening learning how to profit in the foreign exchange. Following his first batch of students, word of mouth spread and Patrick became a popular trader to reach out to for answers.

Patrick created this entire website for those traders to learn and earn as they grow as traders. Patrick has taught over 1500 individuals since 2015. The experience you will have at FFX will be tailored to you and the trader you want to become. As time has passed Patrick has used his investment knowledge to branch into multiple avenues including: personal branding, real estate, and e-commerce.

Drop us a line below, we’d love to talk. ecommerce management, and branded content that

A: 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.

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